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Healing & Being with Horses in Tobago

Healing and Being With Horses (Tobago)

Healing and Being With Horses (Tobago). Photo courtesy www.Healing-with-horses.com

Tobago’s Most Cherished Horses & Children

Healing with Horses

Healing with Horses, created in 2010, is a weekly programe that brings differently-abled Tobagonian children six to 12 years old together with horses. The kids can also try arts and crafts, music, dance, yoga, nature walks, gardening and sport. All of these are highly successful forms of therapy – and they’re fun. This is a non-profit organisation run by Veronika LaFortune and her husband along with many volunteers.

Their six gentle rescue horses give the children a way to experience a strong sense of bonding and affection, along with the physical benefits of strengthening and improved balance from horseback riding. Each child is given the opportunity to ride and spend time grooming, feeding and communing at the stables.

To volunteer time or to contribute in cash or kind, write to info@healing-with-horses.com.

Being with Horses

The same team is responsible for Being with Horses. Here, visitors to Tobago (and locals!) can enjoy a range of activities, from swim-ride sessions, trail rides and picnic rides, to horseback weddings and therapeutic riding. Call as much in advance as possible as they’re almost always fully booked.


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