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Lopinot estate and historical complex in Trinidad. Photo: William Barrow

Did you know? 25+ cool facts about Trinidad & Tobago

There are many people and things that have landed Trinidad and Tobago in the history books…or which are just plain cool! Here are just some. And if you know more that you think should be here, feel free to give us a shout! We always love to hear from our readers. Banwari Man The oldest

Ambard's House or Roomor. Photograph by Chris Anderson

Touring Trinidad’s Heritage

Some Highlights of Trinidad’s Natural & Built Heritage In between Trinidad’s many modern buildings and ultra-contemporary homes, architectural gems peep out, legacies of Trinidad’s many influences – religious, social and economic. Among the most beautiful and appealing are the signature gingerbread houses, many Catholic churches and cathedrals, classic Islamic mosques, Hindu mandirs, 18th century mansions

Lopinot House. Photograph by Chris Anderson

Trinidad Sightseeing Day Trips

Seeing Trinidad One Day at a Time This guide makes no claim to offer a comprehensive listing of things to do in Trinidad. Instead, here is a brief suggestion of some things to do, in each quadrant of the country. Each section is a selection of sights (and sites) that can be visited in a

Little Tobago and Goat Island

Tobago Sightseeing & Day Trips

Not all roads lead to the beach in Tobago, just the main one: travel south along Claude Noel Highway and it will become Milford Road, at the end of which is the sea. Easy Day Trip Fort King George Start out in Scarborough, at Fort King George. An important site for the strategic defence of

The Ocean View Lounge at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad

Where to Stay: Accommodation Options in Trinidad

Accommodation in Trinidad range from major hotel chains, business hotels and guesthouses, some with conference centres, plus villas and apartments across the country.

Poolside at the Magdalena Grand

Where to Stay: Accommodation Options in Tobago

Tobago’s ever-increasing range of accommodation can meet any holiday plans or budget

Blue devils breathing fire early on Jouvay morning. Photographer: Shirley Bahadur

The Birth & Evolution of Trinidad Carnival

Central to understanding much of the Trinidadian psyche is to understand the festival (Carnival) culture of the island

Happy newlyweds. Photo Yaisa Tangwell via the Villas at Stonehaven Tobago

A Tobago Wedding

Your guide to planning the perfect wedding in Tobago – whether on the beach, or in a church!

A collared trogon. Photographer: Stephen Broadbridge

Trinidad & Tobago – a Birder’s Paradise

Naturalist Roger Neckles describes his experience birdwatching in Trinidad and Tobago: “Trinidad, lying just seven miles off the Venezuela coast at the nearest point, is 55 miles by 40; Tobago, lying 26 miles north-east of its larger sister, is 26 miles by seven and a half. In both islands there is a wide diversity of terrain, from rich virgin rain forest to mangroves, swamps, savannah and coastline. We are well within the top 10 countries in the world in terms of the number of species per square mile.”