A design by Shurnel is modelled T&T Fashion Week. Photographer: Edison Boodoosingh

Spotlight on Trinidad & Tobago Fashion

A look at Trinidad & Tobago Fashion Week; Tobago Fashion Weekend; the relationship between fashion and Carnival; and the islands’ emerging fashion industry as a whole.

A scarlet macaw. Photo by Chris Anderson

Trinidad & Tobago — a birder’s paradise

Naturalist Roger Neckles describes his experience birdwatching in Trinidad and Tobago: “Trinidad, lying just seven miles off the Venezuela coast at the nearest point, is 55 miles by 40; Tobago, lying 26 miles north-east of its larger sister, is 26 miles by seven and a half. In both islands there is a wide diversity of terrain, from rich virgin rain forest to mangroves, swamps, savannah and coastline. We are well within the top 10 countries in the world in terms of the number of species per square mile.”

The Caroni Swamp in Central Trinidad. Photographer: CafeMoka

Trinidad & Tobago Sightseeing Tours

Discover talks to T&T Sightseeing Tours’ visionary founder Charles Carvalho. They offer easy sightseeing tours, city tours, Tobago day tours, historical tours, golf trips, and nature tours including mild to strenuous hikes, boat tours, diving trips, and turtle-watching and birding, and arrange hotel reservations, car rentals, aircraft charter, conferencing, and cultural itineraries.

Native Spirit wear. Photographer: Courtesy B&Tees

The Native Spirit: Original Caribbean Art to Wear

Discover talks to Tracy Kaufmann, the co-founder of Native Spirit (produced by B&Tees Ltd), to learn how this brand has become such a hit for both locals and visitors for over 25 years.

Countless ways to ease your spirit!. Photographer: Courtesy Bar Code

BarCode Tobago: An Idea That Worked

Tobagonian entrepeneur David Maharaj celebrates 10 years of BarCode

The Grand Ballroom at the Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre

Trinidad: Conference & Convention Capital of the Caribbean

Trinidad is already a financial and information hub of the region and a gateway to Latin America, with a high influx of business travellers. Consequently, the Tourism Development Company (TDC) has set up the Trinidad & Tobago Convention Bureau (TTCB) as Trinidad positions itself as the conference and convention hub of the Caribbean and beyond.

One Woodbrook Place. Photographer: Courtesy Tucker Real Estate

Trinidad Real Estate & Property Market

As of late 2010, the real estate market in Trinidad has begun to show signs of improvement after suffering a decline during the last three years

The National Library (NALIS) headquarters in Port of Spain. Photographer: Edison Boodoosingh

Touring Trinidad: Port of Spain

Port of Spain is a booming, buzzing metropolis, expanding within its boundaries with new business developments stimulated by inward investment. The capital of Trinidad and Tobago, it sprawls from the Gulf of Paria back into the foothills of the rugged Northern Range. When it became the capital in 1757, it was a muddy little seaport. Now, it is one of the busiest commercial centres in the Caribbean, and a hotbed of entrepreneurial and artistic activity as well.

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