Accomodation at the Hilton Trinidad & Conference Centre

Trinidad Accommodation Guide 2016

Where to stay — from international brands to the best local getaways * indicates properties which are participants in the EarthCheck programme International brand names Several upscale international chains are located around Port of Spain, and near the airport. Many are recently built or renovated, with full-service offerings — from WiFi and conference facilities

Queen's Hall, St. Ann's, Trinidad

Lisa Allen-Agostini on Trinidad’s Arts Scene

Carnival manages both to support a thriving artistic community and crowd it out. But there is life in the arts of Trinidad and Tobago outside the Carnival season. Museums, galleries, dance, theatre, events for those of literary and musical inclination: it’s all here. Arguably the formal centre of artistic endeavour in Trinidad and Tobago is

Pigeon Point Tobago. Photograph by Hugh Stickney

Tobago for kids

Holidaying with children is an oxymoron for many. Many parents find themselves more exhausted after the vacation than before. Not in Tobago. This island was made for children. It’s a like going on safari, to the Natural History Museum and SeaWorld all in one. Villa living If you’ve got two or three families vacationing together,

Discover Trinidad & Tobago 2015 Cover

Discover Trinidad & Tobago 2015 Print Edition

A Note from the Editor Welcome to T&T, the New York of the Caribbean. Here lives the happiest man alive, Machel Montano. And it’s no idle boast by the soca superstar, whose mega-hit of the same name captures the glorious exuberance and insouciant rhythm of our people. The 1.3 million inhabitants of this larger-than-life, surround-sound,

Argyle Waterfall. Courtesy The Division of Tourism and Transportation

Eight things to experience in Tobago

Here are eight of our favourite Tobago experiences The Northside: a ride on the wild side The road less travelled along the Caribbean coast is a wonderland of serenity, stunning natural beauty, and old-time living. From the moment you turn on to the Northside Road, you feel the difference. The world is suddenly greener. Quieter.

Ambard's House or Roomor. Photograph by Chris Anderson

Touring Trinidad’s Heritage

Some Highlights of Trinidad’s Natural & Built Heritage In between Trinidad’s many modern buildings and ultra-contemporary homes, architectural gems peep out, legacies of Trinidad’s many influences – religious, social and economic. Among the most beautiful and appealing are the signature gingerbread houses, many Catholic churches and cathedrals, classic Islamic mosques, Hindu mandirs, 18th century mansions

Leatherback Turtle Tobago

Watching Out For Trinidad & Tobago’s Turtles

A giant among us – the endangered leatherback Leatherbacks are the largest surviving turtle species on earth. Some can reach up to seven feet long and weigh more than 2,000 pounds. These reptiles can dive to depths of 4,200 feet — deeper than any other turtle — and can stay down for up to 85

Machel Montano performs at CIC Fete. Photo by Jermaine Cruickshank, courtesy Machel Montano

Our Time — Trinidad Carnival in the New Millennium

Where We All Come Together As One It’s like carnival in Rio, but in English. Tens of thousands of costumed revellers take to the streets of the capital every year, a conquering army of marauding dancers that rolls through downtown Port of Spain on a wave of music. Diaspora Trinis fly in from freezing corners

Lopinot House. Photograph by Chris Anderson

Trinidad Sightseeing Day Trips

Seeing Trinidad One Day at a Time This guide makes no claim to offer a comprehensive listing of things to do in Trinidad. Instead, here is a brief suggestion of some things to do, in each quadrant of the country. Each section is a selection of sights (and sites) that can be visited in a

Little Tobago and Goat Island

Tobago Sightseeing & Day Trips

Not all roads lead to the beach in Tobago, just the main one: travel south along Claude Noel Highway and it will become Milford Road, at the end of which is the sea. Easy Day Trip Fort King George Start out in Scarborough, at Fort King George. An important site for the strategic defence of

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