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Argyle Waterfall. Courtesy The Division of Tourism and Transportation

Eight things to experience in Tobago

Here are eight of our favourite Tobago experiences The Northside: a ride on the wild side The road less travelled along the Caribbean coast is a wonderland of serenity, stunning natural beauty, and old-time living. From the moment you turn on to the Northside Road, you feel the difference. The world is suddenly greener. Quieter.

Leatherback Turtle Tobago

Watching Out For Trinidad & Tobago’s Turtles

A giant among us – the endangered leatherback Leatherbacks are the largest surviving turtle species on earth. Some can reach up to seven feet long and weigh more than 2,000 pounds. These reptiles can dive to depths of 4,200 feet — deeper than any other turtle — and can stay down for up to 85

Little Tobago and Goat Island

Tobago Sightseeing & Day Trips

Not all roads lead to the beach in Tobago, just the main one: travel south along Claude Noel Highway and it will become Milford Road, at the end of which is the sea. Easy Day Trip Fort King George Start out in Scarborough, at Fort King George. An important site for the strategic defence of

Bon Accord Lagoon. Courtesy The Division of Tourism and Transportation

Our Top Four Tobago Beach Experiences

Walk on Water: Four of our Favourite Tobago Beach Experiences Pigeon Point: the most photographed jetty in the world Thousands of people have stood on the jetty at Pigeon Point, gazing into the turquoise waters beneath their feet. At sunset, locals come with bamboo rods and fish for their dinner from the jetty. The view

A diver hovers above what is often referred to as the largest brain coral in the world, off Speyside. Photographer: Sport Diver Magazine, via the THA

So You Want to be a Diver…

Take a deep breath, breathe out slowly, look around. Fish everywhere: silver, black, yellow, blue. Big ones, tiny ones, listen to the crackling of the rock shrimp. Turtle! Look, a hawksbill! So majestic! Check under that rock, it’s a nurse shark. Amazing! Wait, there’s a lobster, its massive feelers waving in the current. Is that a stingray covering itself with sand? It’s huge! There’s another one. Turtle! This one is a green turtle, you can tell from the mouth.

A critically endangered leatherback turtle hatchling takes a breath as it swims out to to sea at Mt Irvine/Back Bay. Photographer: Giancarlo Lalsingh/SOS Tobago

SOS: Saving Tobago’s Sea Turtles

An interview with members of SOS Tobago to understand the impact SOS is having on Tobago’s fragile sea turtle population

Water lillies at Tobago Plantations. Photo by Chris Anderson

Tobago’s Natural History

Tobago was once joined to the South American mainland, and has inherited a continental legacy of plants, birds, insects, mammals and topography. Its small size, 21 miles long and seven miles wide, offers easy access to tropical rain forests, idyllic white sand beaches, waterfalls and lagoons.

Mountain biking is a growing sport in Tobago. Photographer: Skene Howie

Sean De Freitas Talks Tobago Mountain Biking

Sean De Freitas started mountain biking as a hobby and enjoyed it so much that he started his own company. We chatted with him about his hobby