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Prophet Benjamin wows the crowd. Courtesy the Shade Nightclub

Your Tobago arts & entertainment guide 2018

There are more than enough bars, restaurants, clubs, casinos and open-air party venues to keep you happy — especially on the western side of the island!

Curried crab and dumpling is a must-eat in Tobago. Photo by Bennyartist/Shutterstock

Savour the Tobago flavours

A Tobago food & dining guide for 2018 Surrender to your senses and allow your taste buds to be delighted by the smorgasbord of flavours and textures available. Fresh seafood is one of the healthiest things about Bago. You can buy fresh fish, shrimp, crab and lobster (during open season) every day from fishermen on

Liming and partying Tobago style in 2017

Tobago nightlife & entertainment   Bars & happy hours Some of the most popular bars rub shoulders with the restaurants at major hotels and developments like the Magdalena Grand, Crown Point Hotel, the Seahorse Inn, and the Villas at Stonehaven, so you may not need to go far! But there are others like BarCode (Scarborough),

Cuisine corner: our Tobago food & dining guide for 2017

Food & dining, Tobago style This is just a beginner’s guide — for much more, dive in to the range of coverage, including recipes and local food features, in our Food & Entertainment section.   Fine dining Tobago’s best restaurants pair delectable food — including European, Asian, Caribbean and local Tobagonian favourites — with ambience

Courtesy Tobago Estate Chocolate.

The Tobago shopper’s companion for 2017

Looking for essentials? Gourmet goods? Distinctly local souvenirs? Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll point you toward what to get, and where to get it. Popular local souvenirs Miniature steel pans are always popular among those looking for souvenirs, as are locally made shoes, jewellery, fabric, sculptures, ceramics, preserves, and cosmetics. You can find these and

Perfectly prepared lobster. Photo courtesy the Division of Tourism & Transportation

Tobago Dining & Leisure Guide 2016

Tobago dining, liming, shopping & more! Fine dining Tobago’s finest restaurants often take advantage of stunning locations — outdoor seating overlooking the ocean, the shells of colonial waterwheels and sugar mills, preserved plantation houses, golf courses and landscaped gardens, or awe-inspiring mountainside perches. Many are part of the posher hotel developments and offer a range

Healing and Being With Horses (Tobago)

Healing & Being with Horses in Tobago

Healing with Horses, created in 2010, is a weekly programe that brings differently-abled Tobagonian children six to 12 years old together with horses. The same team is responsible for Being with Horses. Learn how their horses have won the hearts of locals and visitors alike.

Parasailing off Pigeon Point with Radical Sports Tobago

Tobago’s Land & Water Sports

Tobago is a world-class diving location, but aficionados of other sports and activities will find no shortage of adventures