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Winston Duke in Person of Interest

Nine Hollywood actors of Trinidad & Tobago heritage

There are several actors working in Hollywood with roots in Trinidad and Tobago. Some were born here and migrated as children or young adults. Some are children of Trinbagonian parents. Here are just a few that you may recognise (listed in alphabetical order). Tatyana Ali Born in the US to a Trinidadian father and Panamanian

A critically endangered leatherback turtle hatchling takes a breath as it swims out to to sea at Mt Irvine/Back Bay. Photographer: Giancarlo Lalsingh/SOS Tobago

SOS: Saving Tobago’s Sea Turtles

An interview with members of SOS Tobago to understand the impact SOS is having on Tobago’s fragile sea turtle population

Heather Headley of Trinidad & Tobago

Heather Headley: One of Trinidad’s Brightest Stars

Caroline Taylor interviews the Grammy and Tony award-winning actress, singer and songwriter Heather Headley

Trinidad Rapso Band 3canal

Rapso Band 3canal Talks Trinidad Music

Where is Trinidad’s music going? Discover asked popular rapso band 3canal for their opinion. The band’s Wendell Manwarren, Roger Roberts and Stanton Kewley give their views.

Galdys Knight performs at the Tobago Jazz Experience. Photo courtesy the Trinidad & Tobago Business Guide

John Arnold on Tobago’s Arts, Culture & Festivals

John Arnold of the THA’s Department of Tourism spoke to Discover Trinidad & Tobago, and invites visitors to discover the cultural diversity of Tobago

The Charlotteville Rydm Section at Tobago Carnival. Photographer: Owen Washington

Sandra Gopaul Talks Tobago Carnival

Even Tobago’s bandleaders confess that Carnival belongs to Trinidad. But that doesn’t mean they don’t showcase their creativity and reclaim the street. Sandra Gopaul, secretary of the Tobago Carnival Bandleaders Association (TCBA), gives us the scoop.