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A diver hovers above what is often referred to as the largest brain coral in the world, off Speyside. Photographer: Sport Diver Magazine, via the THA

So You Want to be a Diver…

Take a deep breath, breathe out slowly, look around. Fish everywhere: silver, black, yellow, blue. Big ones, tiny ones, listen to the crackling of the rock shrimp. Turtle! Look, a hawksbill! So majestic! Check under that rock, it’s a nurse shark. Amazing! Wait, there’s a lobster, its massive feelers waving in the current. Is that a stingray covering itself with sand? It’s huge! There’s another one. Turtle! This one is a green turtle, you can tell from the mouth.

Parasailing off Pigeon Point with Radical Sports Tobago

Tobago’s Land & Water Sports

Tobago is a world-class diving location, but aficionados of other sports and activities will find no shortage of adventures

Diving in Tobago. Photo: Edward Montserin

Your Guide to Diving in Tobago

Whatever your level of experience, the waters around Tobago offer some of the most outstanding diving opportunities in the Caribbean

Mountain biking is a growing sport in Tobago. Photographer: Skene Howie

Sean De Freitas Talks Tobago Mountain Biking

Sean De Freitas started mountain biking as a hobby and enjoyed it so much that he started his own company. We chatted with him about his hobby

Eel in the coral at Pirates Bay, Tobago. Photo: Colin Davis

Derek Chung Talks Diving in Tobago

Derek Chung has over 20 years’ diving experience and shares some of the key facts about the Tobago diving scene