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Fort Granby on the Windward Coast. Photographer: Oswin Browne

Tobago Sightseeing: So Much to Explore

Tobago offers the visitor a wide range of touring options. It’s possible to drive around the island in a single day, but for the best experience, take it slow. History buffs will revel in the island’s historic sites, legacy of the 31 separate occasions Tobago was lost and conquered over the centuries. And even if you just stick to the well-known beaches and tourist sites, there’s still lots to see.

An aerial view of the Tobago coastline. Photographer: Stephen Broadbridge

Discover Tobago: a Mini Guide

Unspoiled beaches, friendly people, relaxation. It is easy to soak in and sink into a laid-back atmosphere, and Tobago is the perfect place for that. Every island has a spirit of its own. Tobago’s is calm, serene, grounded. In Tobago, life becomes simple again. Time slows down – perhaps to the pace it should always have been! The stresses of your day-to-day life dissolve. An introduction to this hidden gem of the Caribbean.

Trinidad & Tobago Express Ferry. Photographer: Martin Farinha

Tobago’s Capital: Scarborough

Scarborough is the service centre of Tobago, with typically Caribbean shops and much that is of historical interest

The quiet beauty of Pigeon Point. Photographer: Skene Howie

Touring Tobago: Crown Point & the Southwest

Southwestern Tobago is the island’s tourism centre. It’s where you’ll find the accommodation and restaurants, tour operators and car rental agencies, and the best shopping, all within a few miles of ANR Robinson International Airport (formerly Crown Point airport), and within walking distance of several beautiful beaches.

No Man's Land, Tobago. Photo by Chris Anderson

Touring Tobago: the Leeward Coast

Tobago’s Leeward coast – fringed by coral reefs and the Caribbean Sea – is the calmer of the island’s two shorelines. The journey northbound takes you from the southwest’s flatter, gentler limestone terrain to the mountainous hard rock formations of the northeast. Beautiful beaches offer great swimming, snorkelling and watersports.

St Giles Islands. Photographer: Caroline Taylor

Touring Tobago: the Windward Coast

Tobago’s meandering Windward Road takes you into the heart of the rural Caribbean. It snakes along the Atlantic coastline, sweeping up and down through sleepy villages going about their daily business. People watch from porches and roadside parlours and rum shops. Tethered goats tear at grass on the verge, and chickens roam beneath precarious wooden homes perched on steep hillsides.

Arnos Vale Waterwheel. Photographer: Caroline Neisha Taylor

Our Top 20 Tobago Sights to See

Though tiny, Tobago’s rich in historical landmarks and stunning natural attractions. Here are our 20 favourites.