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Courtesy Tobago Estate Chocolate.

The Tobago shopper’s companion for 2017

Looking for essentials? Gourmet goods? Distinctly local souvenirs? Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll point you toward what to get, and where to get it. Popular local souvenirs Miniature steel pans are always popular among those looking for souvenirs, as are locally made shoes, jewellery, fabric, sculptures, ceramics, preserves, and cosmetics. You can find these and

Goat Island and Little Tobago Island. Courtesy the TDC.

Trinidad & Tobago: the Lay of Both Lands

The Geography (human & physical) of Trinidad & Tobago in a Nutshell Trinidad South American links Trinidad is the southernmost Caribbean island: just seven miles from Venezuela at its closest point. Geologically, the island is not Caribbean at all – it is essentially a fragment of Venezuela set free. The South American neighbour cradles Trinidad:

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Nine Hollywood actors of Trinidad & Tobago heritage

There are several actors working in Hollywood with roots in Trinidad and Tobago. Some were born here and migrated as children or young adults. Some are children of Trinbagonian parents. Here are just a few that you may recognise (listed in alphabetical order). Tatyana Ali Born in the US to a Trinidadian father and Panamanian

Crown Pt aerial. Photo by Stephen Broadbridge

A Tobago Touring & Sightseeing Guide — Coast to Coast

Tobago tours & adventures by land & by sea One of the advantages of holidaying on a small island is that incredible experiences of every kind are in easy reach. From landmarks that whisper of the island’s complex history (it changed hands some 31 times in colonial days) to thrilling eco escapes and adventures by

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Tobago Accommodation Guide 2016

Where to stay in Tobago Where you stay in Tobago depends on what you’re looking for in your Tobago escape. Luxury or budget? Ocean or mountain view? Beach or infinity pool? Villa or hotel room? Room service or self-catering? Retreat or resort…? The hub: Crown Point & the southwest This is where you’ll find

Leatherback Turtle returning to sea. Courtesy The Division of Tourism and Transportation

Our Top 5 Tobago Eco Experiences

Our favourite eco escapes & adventures, by land & by sea Turtle-watching One of Tobago’s best-known nature activities is watching the ancient nesting ritual of the sea turtles (March–September) on Tobago’s beaches. The most common are the giant (and endangered) leatherback, hawksbill and green; all (and their eggs) are legally protected. Leatherbacks come ashore primarily

Charlotteville. Photo by Chris Anderson

Tobago Beaches: Our Top 25

You’re stumped for choice when it comes to beaches in Tobago. A good rule of thumb: the further north you go, the quieter the beaches become. Here are our top 25, grouped by region — Crown Point and the southwest, the Leeward (Caribbean) coast, and the Windward (Atlantic) coast. Crown Point Canoe Bay (entrance fee):

Perfectly prepared lobster. Photo courtesy the Division of Tourism & Transportation

Tobago Dining & Leisure Guide 2016

Tobago dining, liming, shopping & more! Fine dining Tobago’s finest restaurants often take advantage of stunning locations — outdoor seating overlooking the ocean, the shells of colonial waterwheels and sugar mills, preserved plantation houses, golf courses and landscaped gardens, or awe-inspiring mountainside perches. Many are part of the posher hotel developments and offer a range