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Fort George, Trinidad. Photograph by Ariann Thompson

Trinidad for Adrenaline Junkies

Let’s take it from the top Paramin This traditional mountain farming community overlooking Maraval, on the outskirts of Port of Spain, has the most stunning views on the island. The highest point, Morne La Vigie, is over 2,000 feet. The people here in Paramin – descendants of runaway African slaves, French Creoles from Martinique, Guadeloupe,

Callaloo Swizzle. Photograph by Ria Birju

Make a Callaloo

Ria’s Trinidad & Tobago Callaloo Recipe NB: For all the following callaloo-making instructions, see corresponding photos under “Article Gallery” in our right sidebar Assemble ingredients Wash and chop callaloo bush (if using); ochroes; pumpkin; scallions and onions; slice carrots; mince garlic. Chop the thyme finely or place entire bunch whole in the pot (remove the

The arch at Paria Bay, Trinidad. Photo: Chris Anderson

Ten Free Things to Enjoy in Trinidad

You don’t have to break the bank to explore Trinidad or have some fun. Here are are top 10 things you can do for free.

Coco Lounge, one of many bars and nightclubs on Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook. Photographer: Aisha Provoteaux

Trinidad’s Ariapita Avenue: Liming & Dining

It’s Friday night. Or maybe it’s Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday or any other night of the week. And you’re bored! Now, we Trinidadians take boredom very seriously. We have a reputation to maintain as the social mecca of the Caribbean – “liming country”, if you will – and we cannot have our reputation tarnished by any local or visitor claiming to be bored on our watch.

Trinidad & Tobago doubles. Photo:

A Love Affair with Trinidad’s Food

Trinidad & Tobago can be complicated. But our united, delighted appreciation of food is our society at its simplest and most artless. Where there be food, there we go. Pretty much everything we do revolves around food. Out for drinks? Yes but we’ll stop for doubles/roti/gyros after. It’s Christmas! Midnight mass, love to your fellow man, wrap presents. The reward: pastelles, ham, ponche de crème, black cake. Cricket! Who’s bringing the pelau?

Liming on Ariapita Avenue, Trinidad. Photo: Stephen Jay Photography

The Art of Liming in Trinidad: A Mini Guide

We are Trinis – so we are limers. In a nutshell, here’s how to “buss a lime” in Trinidad It’s strange that the word “lime”, as it is used in Trinidad & Tobago, up the islands and through the diaspora, is absent from most of the world’s leading dictionaries (New Oxford American excepted). “Liming” is

Fonclair performs at the San Fernando Jazz Fest. Photographer: Mark Lyndersay

Trinidad’s Arts & Culture: An Overview

A meeting point for cultural traditions preserved by migrants from around the world, Trinidad is constantly abuzz with artistic and cultural activity

Maracas Bay, Trinidad. Photo: Stephen Jay Photography

Trinidad’s Best Beaches

Trinidad is unlikely to come up among “top 10 Caribbean beaches” listings – though magnificent Grande Rivière was recently tipped by British Airway’s High Life magazine as one of the 50 most beautiful in the world – but that doesn’t mean there aren’t countless beaches and activities to fill a day or weekend on a Trini beach. The four coasts are distinct, owing to the three different bodies of water which meet the coastlines. Here are some of the best and most popular choices for beach excursions in Trinidad.

Local staple callaloo and ingredients. Photographer: Marc Seyon

Trinidad’s Culinary Scene

As diverse as Trinidad’s people and history are, the culinary landscape is almost beyond “fusion”, and just its own thing

Local party-goers pack Zen Nightclub each weekend. Photographer: Stephen Broadbridge

Trinidad’s Nightlife & Entertainment Scene

Trinidadians take their entertainment very, very seriously. The multitude of bars, nightclubs and lounges, roadside watering holes, multi-level VIP clubs with dazzling lights and sizzling cocktails, shows exactly how serious a business partying is to Trinis. There’s no shortage of possibilities – find your niche and dive in!