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Exodus at Panorama. Photo courtesy TDC

A Trinidad Arts & Culture Guide for 2016

The culture lover’s guide to Trinidad Every culture is unique, but Trinidad’s culture has been cross-pollinated by generations of migrants from all over the world, whose cultural traditions have been preserved and adapted, all in one small island. Music The trifecta: calypso, soca & steelpan Also known as just pan (from “steelpan”), this Trinbagonian invention,

Broiled scallops. Photo courtesy Kaizan Sushi

Trinidad Food & Dining Guide 2016

Dining in Trinidad You could, quite seriously, come to Trinidad just to eat. Trinidadians love food — eating it, cooking it, and sharing it. Of course it’s way more fun to enjoy everything the island has to offer, but punctuate the excursions with culinary experiences ranging from finger-lickin’ street food to exquisite, award-winning fine dining

Queen's Hall, St. Ann's, Trinidad

Lisa Allen-Agostini on Trinidad’s Arts Scene

Carnival manages both to support a thriving artistic community and crowd it out. But there is life in the arts of Trinidad and Tobago outside the Carnival season. Museums, galleries, dance, theatre, events for those of literary and musical inclination: it’s all here. Arguably the formal centre of artistic endeavour in Trinidad and Tobago is

Cocobel Chocolate Trinidad

Made in Trinidad: Unique Gifts, Souvenirs and Shopping

No, a ceramic coconut made in China is probably not how you want to remember your trip to Trinidad. Fair enough. But there are exceptionally talented local craftsmen in Trinidad working in leather, clay, fabric, copper and other raw materials like seeds, shells and gourds. And you can find just about anything mainstream, from clothes, houseware and aromatherapy candles to fancy local foods, fashion and jewellery.

Fort George, Trinidad. Photograph by Ariann Thompson

Trinidad for Adrenaline Junkies

Let’s take it from the top Paramin This traditional mountain farming community overlooking Maraval, on the outskirts of Port of Spain, has the most stunning views on the island. The highest point, Morne La Vigie, is over 2,000 feet. The people here in Paramin – descendants of runaway African slaves, French Creoles from Martinique, Guadeloupe,

Callaloo Swizzle. Photograph by Ria Birju

Make a Callaloo

Ria’s Trinidad & Tobago Callaloo Recipe NB: For all the following callaloo-making instructions, see corresponding photos under “Article Gallery” in our right sidebar Assemble ingredients Wash and chop callaloo bush (if using); ochroes; pumpkin; scallions and onions; slice carrots; mince garlic. Chop the thyme finely or place entire bunch whole in the pot (remove the

The arch at Paria Bay, Trinidad. Photo: Chris Anderson

Ten Free Things to Enjoy in Trinidad

You don’t have to break the bank to explore Trinidad or have some fun. Here are are top 10 things you can do for free.

Coco Lounge, one of many bars and nightclubs on Ariapita Avenue in Woodbrook. Photographer: Aisha Provoteaux

Trinidad’s Ariapita Avenue: Liming & Dining

It’s Friday night. Or maybe it’s Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday or any other night of the week. And you’re bored! Now, we Trinidadians take boredom very seriously. We have a reputation to maintain as the social mecca of the Caribbean – “liming country”, if you will – and we cannot have our reputation tarnished by any local or visitor claiming to be bored on our watch.