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Breakfast wrap. Photo courtesy the G Spot food truck

Cuisine corner, Trinidad edition: our Trini food & dining guide for 2017

Food & dining, Trini style Foodies may well be stumped for choice here. With African, Indian, French, Spanish, Chinese, Syrian-Lebanese, and other influences, the island’s culinary scene is distinct, dynamic — and delicious! This is just a beginner’s guide — for much more, dive in to the range of coverage, including recipes and local food

Trinidad & Tobago doubles. Photo:

A Love Affair with Trinidad’s Food

Trinidad & Tobago can be complicated. But our united, delighted appreciation of food is our society at its simplest and most artless. Where there be food, there we go. Pretty much everything we do revolves around food. Out for drinks? Yes but we’ll stop for doubles/roti/gyros after. It’s Christmas! Midnight mass, love to your fellow man, wrap presents. The reward: pastelles, ham, ponche de crème, black cake. Cricket! Who’s bringing the pelau?

Local staple callaloo and ingredients. Photographer: Marc Seyon

Trinidad’s Culinary Scene

As diverse as Trinidad’s people and history are, the culinary landscape is almost beyond “fusion”, and just its own thing

A delicious lamb main course. Photographer: Courtesy Battimamzelle restaurant

The Trinidadian Food & Dining Experience

From haute cuisine to roadside hut cuisine, Trinidad takes gastronomes on a culinary world tour

Veni Mangé. Photographer: Courtesy Veni Mangé

Interview: Behind the Scenes at Veni Mangé

Veni Mangé is a creole restaurant in Woodbrook founded by sisters Roses Hezekiah and the late Allyson Hennessy (a Cordon Bleu chef). In a 2009 interview with Discover, they shared their thoughts on Trinidad cuisine and their favourite dishes.