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Goat Island and Little Tobago Island. Courtesy the TDC.

Trinidad & Tobago: the Lay of Both Lands

The Geography (human & physical) of Trinidad & Tobago in a Nutshell Trinidad South American links Trinidad is the southernmost Caribbean island: just seven miles from Venezuela at its closest point. Geologically, the island is not Caribbean at all – it is essentially a fragment of Venezuela set free. The South American neighbour cradles Trinidad:

The Gulf of Paria at night

Hometown Trinidad

A look at the homes & sanctuaries of Keshorn Walcott, Nicki Minaj, Anya Ayoung-Chee, and Machel Montano Toco: Keshorn Walcott’s hometown The lighthouse in Toco, the most eastern point in Trinidad, has been renamed in honour of the island’s javelin champion, Keshorn Walcott. The 2012 Olympic gold medallist, the first black male athlete to win

The Pitch Lake. Photo courtesy TDC

A Trinidad Touring & Sightseeing Guide — Natural & Built Heritage

Sightseeing & more Trinidad’s natural history & built heritage Trinidad owes its phenomenal diversity of flora, fauna and topography to a combination of Caribbean and South American characteristics (the island was originally connected to the mainland). The result is a unique mix of island and continental ecology, a distinctive legacy that is visible all around

Caroni Swamp. Photo by Chris Anderson

Hiking, turtles and birds: our top three Trinidad eco escapes and adventures

Hiking, turtle-watching, bird-watching, oh my! Hiking For beginners: Edith Falls (Chaguaramas, north-western peninsula): a 30-40 minute hike to a 76m/250ft waterfall Maracas Falls (Maracas/St Joseph Valley): 30-45 minute trek to Trinidad’s tallest waterfall (91m/299ft) Rio Seco Falls (Salybia, northeast coast): a 45-60 minute hike. The falls include a lovely natural swimming pool. Part of the

Ambard's House or Roomor. Photograph by Chris Anderson

Touring Trinidad’s Heritage

Some Highlights of Trinidad’s Natural & Built Heritage In between Trinidad’s many modern buildings and ultra-contemporary homes, architectural gems peep out, legacies of Trinidad’s many influences – religious, social and economic. Among the most beautiful and appealing are the signature gingerbread houses, many Catholic churches and cathedrals, classic Islamic mosques, Hindu mandirs, 18th century mansions

Leatherback Turtle Tobago

Watching Out For Trinidad & Tobago’s Turtles

A giant among us – the endangered leatherback Leatherbacks are the largest surviving turtle species on earth. Some can reach up to seven feet long and weigh more than 2,000 pounds. These reptiles can dive to depths of 4,200 feet — deeper than any other turtle — and can stay down for up to 85

Lopinot House. Photograph by Chris Anderson

Trinidad Sightseeing Day Trips

This guide makes no claim to offer a comprehensive listing of things to do in Trinidad. Instead, here is a brief suggestion of some things to do, in each quadrant of the country. Each section is a selection of sights (and sites) that can be visited in a day.

La Fillette Beach Trinidad. Photograph by Ariann Thompson

Beaches: the Other Side of Trinidad

We do a different kind of beach here. Not for us the calm, placid pond in baby-blue. Uh-uh. Our waters are a little livelier. With few reefs, the waters off the North Coast can kick up some rather playful waves (surfers like Toco, especially). It’s not unknown for a bikini-wearing bather to lose their top