Casual & fine dining in Tobago

The variety of restaurants in Tobago caters for those with a penchant for fine dining, home-style cooking, or adventures into the unfamiliar

A guide to Tobago’s restaurants

The variety of restaurants in Tobago caters for those who have very distinguishing taste buds, those who need to have that feeling of ‘home away from home,’ and those adventurers who would try any and everything local and different from what they’re accustomed to.

On the island you can find Asian, European, American and Caribbean dishes. Quite a few restaurants take advantage of the beautiful scenery and are set in landscaped gardens, or have breathtaking views of the ocean.

Most restaurants, particularly those for formal dining, are located on the western and southern end of the island in the areas of Crown Point, Mt. Pleasant, Buccoo to Plymouth and in Scarborough. Many of these also are part of the major hotels in the area. Outside of these areas, you will find a few in the ‘off the beaten path’ areas like Peter’s Place in Plymouth or Rainbow Nature Resort in Goldsborough along the island’s east coast. At the northern end of the island, in the rainforest at Bloody Bay, you will find a lovely deck restaurant called Maradora’s, which serves local and international dishes.

If you’re heading to the countryside, be prepared to find only the informal dining establishments in the villages that cater for the workers in the area (particularly where there are government offices). But here is where you will get a taste of the local food at very reasonable prices. Hotels like Manta Lodge and Blue Waters Inn in the countryside (Speyside) will also have formal dining restaurants.

While you will also find the international and local fast food outlets like KFC, Subway Pizza Hut, Royal Castle, Chefs and BBQ, and others, they are few, and many would flock to the sports bars and road side shops that prepare the local version of the fast and fried delights. Some restaurants open only for dinner, while others serve two or three of the day’s main meals.

Here is just a glimpse of what’s available.

Fine dining restaurants

Tobago’s best restaurants pair delectable food — including European, Asian, Caribbean and local Tobagonian favourites — with ambience and charm. Many are set in locations steeped in history (shells of colonial water-wheels, sugar mills, and plantation houses), or take advantage of spectacular mountainside views or refreshing seaside perches.


  • Café Iguana at Crown Point – serves three meals a day
  • Colours Restaurant and Bar at Crown Point – a true reflection of its name is seen in the décor; this establishment serves both local and international dishes for breakfast and lunch
  • La Tartaruga in Buccoo – fine dining Italian restaurant. 639-0940
  • Mélange and Caribbean Chulha at Mt. Pleasant – local dishes and East Indian cuisine in an outdoor setting [closed until further notice]
  • Meshell’s in Mt. Pleasant – international menu with a Caribbean twist [closed until further notice]
  • Patino’s Restaurant at Buccoo – international menu; open for dinner only
  • Pelican Reef – international menu [closed until further notice]
  • Rainbow Resort Restaurant in Goldsborough – local/traditional food. Serving lunch and dinner by reservation only, this restaurant is part of a converted cocoa house located in the pristine forest of Tobago. Definitely off the beat track, everything prepared here is grown right here in the forest that surrounds the property or caught in the nearby ocean or river. Definitely worth the trip!
  • RenMar’s Restaurant at Pigeon Point Heritage Park – a lovely deck restaurant, with a full cocktail bar on the beach offering Tobago dishes. Open every day for lunch. Dinner by reservation only
  • Ruby Lou’s Restaurant – dinner only; American grilled foods in an outdoor/garden type setting [closed until further notice]
  • Seahorse Inn, Restaurant & Bar in Black Rock – internationally acclaimed with international cuisine against a beachside backdrop. 639-0686
  • The Pavilion Restaurant in Black Rock – elegant dining and international menu. 639-0361
  • The Magdalena Grand — a range of upscale and more casual dining restaurants with a variety of delicious interntaional menus. 660-8500
  • The Watermill – international menu, Buccoo. 639-0000

Casual dining restaurants

Bars, food stalls, and other pit-stops by beaches, roadsides and hotel developments offer up local and international favourites. Local stalwarts include crab-and-dumpling; “blue food” (ground provisions); fresh fish (mahi mahi is among the most sustainably caught); oil down (breadfruit and salted meat are the main ingredients); coconut bake (made with grated coconut, and often served with saltfish buljol); and a multitude of sweets ranging from delightful to a bit jaw-breaking (benne balls, toolom, paw-paw balls, tamarind balls, sugar cake, cashew cake, cassava pone …). Try condiments like chows and chutneys, and wash it all down with freshly squeezed local juices! For much more about Tobago home-grown favourites, click here!


  • After Hours at Crown Point – a very popular sports bar that offers local lunches and local fast food in the evenings
  • Asha’s Eco Restaurant & Bar, Studley Park – Indo-Caribbean food
  • Arabian Gyrosian Gyros in Scarborough – Middle Eastern grilled food
  • Aroma Salt and Pepper in Crooks River Mall, Scarborough – local food
  • Bago’s Bar at Swallows Beach, Pigeon Point – weekends and night time only; local food
  • Bayside Café at Crown Point – Indo Caribbean food; serving breakfast and lunch; has a nice range of teas and coffee
  • Ciao Café – delightful range of Italian ice creams, sandwiches and drinks in Scarborough. 639-3001
  • Eddie’s at Scarborugh – traditional/local food; breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Flavour D Pot Restaurant in Scarborough – local dishes
  • Fort Granby Beach Bar – local fast food
  • Fortune Chinese Restaurant at Bon Accord
  • Island Style Café at Crown Point– Indo Caribbean food
  • Jatt Harbour Grill in Scarborough – local dishes
  • Jemma’s Seaview Kitchen – Caribbean creole, Speyside. 660-4066)
  • Kariwak – local cuisine, Crown Point. 639-8442
  • Lorraine’s Restaurant in Plymouth – local dishes, breakfast and lunch
  • Papillion at Buccoo – Chinese food
  • Peter’s Place in Plymouth – relatively secluded, ocean side and garden setting with the theme All Orishi Rishi (Piece of Dream). Traditional and local dishes with interesting names like Herdalypso, Chicken Ala Orishi Rishi, and Plymouth Fisherman Seafood. Only local spices used
  • Rena’s Roti Shop – Scarborough, TLH Building
  • RenMar’s at Lambeau – local dishes at a price cheaper than the Pigeon Point outlet
  • Salsa Kitchen – tapas, Scarborough. 639-1522
  • Sharon’s and Phebs in Charlotteville – Traditional/local food
  • Shore Things Café – Caribbean/international cuisine in Lambeau. 635-1072
  • Skewers at Crown Point – Middle Eastern grilled food for lunch and dinner
  • The Esplanade in Scarborough – a few food booths are located in this mini plaza along the coast, offering traditional Tobago dishes
  • The Fish Pot – Caribbean/international menu, Pleasant Prospect. 635-1720

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