Sean De Freitas talks Tobago mountain biking

Sean De Freitas started mountain biking as a hobby and enjoyed it so much that he started his own company. We chatted with him about his hobby

Mountain biking: a growing & exhilarating sport

How did your business start?

I started Mountain Biking Tobago after I was visited by the editor and photographer of a mountain biking magazine and took them around the island. They asked if I was ready for the headache of bikers contacting me, as my full contact details were going alongside the article. That’s when I set up the company.

Would you encourage a visitor to Tobago to try Mountain Biking?

It is a great way of burning off the calories, seeing local villages and other areas that are not accessible by car. More importantly, if you are a bike fanatic, you will enjoy the huge variety of trails.

Can anyone try Mountain Biking?

Anyone who can ride a bike can take part in this sport. On our tours we have trails suited to all levels, from beginners to advanced. Naturally you must have some level of fitness, though.

What can people expect on your trips?

Beginner and intermediate tours last approximately two to three hours, and can be easy coast cruises, historical sites, waterfalls or beaches. Advanced rides are around three to four hours long, and the terrain includes technical single-track downhills with magnificent coastal views.

Do you take out large groups?

We offer a personalised service. Clients have varying levels of fitness and technical abilities, and it is important to ride at your own pace and not to push yourself by competing with others. Our clients usually come in pairs but, where larger groups are concerned, we take no more than 12 people at a time.

Are there dangers and, if so, what precautions should be taken?

There is a risk of danger or injury in all sports. You might fall off your bike or push yourself too hard, or not keep your body well hydrated. That is why we offer a personalised service and urge riders to go at their own pace. If you are not comfortable riding any section of the trail we encourage you to get off your bike and walk it. Bottled water, a light snack and refreshment are provided, and riders are reminded to keep themselves hydrated because of the heat and humidity.

How much does it cost?

Our rates are US$40 per person for a beginner/intermediate ride and US$50 for an expert ride. These rates include a tour guide, bike, helmet, light snack and refreshments. Transfers to and from the start of the tour are not included, but can be arranged on request.

To go mountain biking

Tobago Mountain Bike Tours: 332-5872 • Mountain Biking Tobago: 639-9709 • Slow Leak Tours: 332-5872

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  1. Eamon got us all into biking, he even brought your first bike from england, you tell lies sean. No one from that original group will ride with you again after what you did to Eamon…those people came to ride with him, not you..he already was racing and worked for tour companies years before that article…you love money more than biking ..he gave us all free stuff and got us into the sport… you killed the group with your greed, how can you lie like this?


  2. you are a backstabbing one from the early days will ride with you again because they know what you did to eamon.Only those who dont know ride with you. He started your biking, he brought your first bike back from england you even sold stuff he gave you for free…you love money more than biking, he got all of us into the sport before those people came to ride with EAMON…not you you dishonest ape


  3. …great Sean, you took the pic’s of Eamon Healy Singh, the famous mountainbiker from Tobago, to illustrate your interview!


  4. he is a lier. he stole the business from the guy who really started mountain biking in tobago. but it will get back to you sean. …oh, it is actually the guy in the photo!! you are a mean mean person sean.


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