Discover Trinidad & Tobago 2016: the special 25th anniversary edition!

Our silver annivarsary — 25 years of discovering Trinidad & Tobago!

This year, we at Discover mark 25 years (and 27 editions) of writing about the islands we love. As you discover these islands, we’re sure you’ll understand why. For our special anniversary edition, we have two vibrant covers — flip it one way, you’re in Trinidad! Flip again, and you’re in Tobago!

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Come and discover Trinidad!

Discover Trinidad & Tobago 2016 v2

Trinidad is one of the most distinctive islands in the Caribbean. It’s the regional hub for international business leaders, as well as foodies, culture lovers, naturalists, eco adventurers, shoppers and partiers — and all those looking for something beyond the Caribbean clichés.

While there are more than enough beaches on which to soak up the sun, sea and sand, Trinidad is an immersive experience. There is never a shortage of adventures. Whether you’re diving into the heart of Carnival or other festivals; networking at international conferences; escaping into a natural world replete with staggering biodiversity per square mile; or sating your appetite on a world of distinctive cuisine, the call is the same: immerse yourself!

Our 25th anniversary edition will guide your way, and in whatever format best suits you. Explore with a print copy, read us online, or download the digital replica to your favourite device via our mobile app. Just search for Discover Trinidad & Tobago in your device’s app store. Are you ready? Let’s go!

Come and discover Tobago!

What would you enjoy most?

  • Sunbathing on pristine beaches?
  • Exhilarating water-sports?
  • Coming face to face with a giant manta ray as it glides past the largest living brain coral in the world?
  • Delicious cuisine, in restaurants with stunning views of the ocean?
  • Hiking to breath-taking waterfalls?
  • Immersing yourself in a warm and welcoming culture, from unique folk festivals to world-class music and jazz?
  • Watching magnificent giant leatherback turtles coming ashore to nest?
  • Partying until dawn to soca, calypso and steel-pan music?
  • Watching the sun set over your private infinity pool as you sip a cocktail with that special someone?
  • Observing a dizzying array of tropical birds, and learning each one’s unique call?

Whether you enjoy Tobago in a long leisurely holiday, or only have a single day on your cruise itinerary, there’s a world of beauty to discover. And yes, island time presides here. You feel it as you disembark. The tensions begin to melt away. Focus your attention on beautiful beaches, delectable cuisine, vibrant festivals, eco escapes and adventures, world-class diving, or taste a little of each! What’s for certain is you’ll leave refreshed.

In our 25th anniversary edition of Discover T&T, we’ll guide your way — in print, online, and on your favourite mobile device!


The Discover Trinidad & Tobago Team (2015–16)

  • Editor: Caroline Taylor
  • Consulting editor: Jeremy Taylor
  • Designer: Bridget van Dongen
  • Consulting designer: Kevon Webster
  • Business development & marketing: Helen Shair-Singh
  • Research assistance: Regina Seabrun, Shelly-Ann Inniss, Hazel Mansingh
  • Production: Joanne Mendes, Jacqueline Smith
  • General manager: Halcyon Salazar
  • Covers: Trinidad — playing tenor pan; photo courtesy the TDC. Tobago — Englishman’s Bay; photo by Chris Anderson.
  • ISSN: 1680-6166.

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