Trinidad Ultimate Ninja Warrior 2016

It’s time! The Ultimate Ninja Warrior championship gets underway Saturday 24th September, 2016 and climaxes on Sunday 25th at the Battle Drome in Nelson Mandela Park (St Clair).

Over 200 challengers are registered to take part in the prelims, but only 40 will make it to the finals on Sunday. “The course is not as difficult as the American Ninja Warrior course,” says PRO Arielle Ramkissoon. It is modeled after the original Japanese event, and contains segments from replicas around the world. To successfully complete the course, you must have tremendous upper body strength — it’s a cross fit enthusiast’s dream. The overall winners will be determined by the best times against the course.

This is the inaugural event of the Trinidad Ultimate Ninja Warrior, and the organisers hope to extend to Barbados as well, with the winners representing each country at the America Ultimate Ninja Warrior event.

At the end of the prelims on Saturday, the course will be changed for a greater degree of difficulty for Sunday’s final. Prizes include: $10,000 cash; two tickets to any Caribbean Airlines destination…and bragging rights.

For tickets and more information, visit www.facebook/UltimateNinjaTT


Photo courtesy Trinidad Ultimate Ninja Warriors

Photo courtesy Trinidad Ultimate Ninja Warriors

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