Vintage Calypso on Nelson Island

In honour of Calypso History Month, traditional calypso will reverberate at the second annual Vintage Calypso event, which will be hosted by the National Trust of Trinidad & Tobago on Saturday 22 October 2016.

Some of our local calypso greats including Lord Superior, Brother Valentino, Brother Mudada, Twiggy, and Abebele will be performing their popular lyrical compositions.

Over the years, Lord Superior became well known for his extempo performances. He is a multi-talented composer, guitarist, and singer, and in 2014 celebrated his diamond jubilee in calypso. Brother Valentino has also been performing for over 50 years. He started his illustrious career in 1961 in a calypso tent called the Big Bamboo. His hits include ‘Life is a Stage’ (1972) and ‘Stay up Zimbabwe’ (1979). In 2009, fellow act Brother Mudada was crowned the Veterans Calypso Monarch.

The Vintage Calypso event takes place from 3:00pm to 6:00pm at the Nelson Island Heritage Site. Transport is provided from the San Fernando Water Taxi Terminal at 1:30pm and the Port of Spain Water Taxi Terminal at 2:30pm.

Nelson Island is one of the Five Islands off the northern peninsula of Trinidad. It is rich in history, with one of Trinidad’s oldest buildings — the Hall of the People, constructed in 1802 by African slaves known as the ‘King’s Slaves’.

Join the National Trust in supporting Calypso History Month and experience true traditional calypso on Nelson Island. The Trust can be contacted via telephone at 225-4750 and 277-6105, or email at

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