The Amazing Race kicks off in Trinidad & Tobago tonight!

Tonight’s the night! Season 32 of popular US adventure reality game show, The Amazing Race, premieres tonight at 9pm on CBS — and the first leg of competition takes place right in Trinidad & Tobago. Subsequent legs will take competitors to Brazil, France, Germany, and Kazakhstan. Each season of the show attracts approximately 10 million viewers.

The season premiere was was filmed on location in both Trinidad and Tobago between October and November 2018 by production company World Race Productions, hiring over 300 local professionals, and staying at five different venues across the islands. Familiar spots like Exodus Panyard, the Nylon Pool, and Pigeon Point are said to have been filming locations.

Courtesy Lorraine O'Connor

Courtesy Lorraine O’Connor

It’s an exciting moment for all the local talent, headed by Lorraine O’Connor, who worked on the production, as well as for faithful fans of the Emmy-winning series — now the US’ longest-running reality TV show. Trini fans have long wanted to see T&T used as a leg in the competition, recognising how perfectly they would fit the show’s format, and the potential tourism benefits that could come from the exposure to the show’s travel- and adventure-loving audience. Given the islands’ rich natural landscape, culture, food, and festivals — perfect for adventure travellers and those seeking cultural immersion — it’s a wonderful opportunity for Trinidad & Tobago to shine.

The cast of The Amazing Race Season 32

The cast of The Amazing Race Season 32. Photo courtesy CBS

The Amazing Race now joins several other international productions which have filmed in T&T in recent years, including Lifetime’s Video Globetrotter, VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta and Girls Cruise, ITV’s Ainsley’s Caribbean Kitchen and Complex’s promotional short for the feature film The Nun, just to name just a few.

See the season 32 trailer below.

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