Discover Trinidad & Tobago is a travel guide aimed both at international tourists and visitors planning a trip or vacation to the islands — whether for an eco adventure, business trip, or beach holiday — and at local Trinidadians and Tobagonians looking to know and explore more about their native islands.

Thirty years of discovering Trinidad & Tobago!

Discover Trinidad & Tobago is recommended by top international publishers

Published since 1991 — heralded by the island’s local tourism authorities and recommended by roughguides.com — Discover Trinidad & Tobago is one of the most trusted guides to Trinidad and Tobago simply because it is produced by people who know this country and care about getting it right. Our experienced team of writers, editors and photographers come from varied backgrounds and perspectives: some born and raised in Tobago or Trinidad, others who have come from across the globe and fallen in love with these islands and people. We couldn’t have asked for a better or more diverse team to truly show readers the ins and outs of the islands.

Since we began producing the magazine we’ve become the most sustainably produced local guide, and worked with some of the finest national and international writers, photographers, editors, and designers. Our 2020 edition was our 31st.

Discover the ins & outs of destination Trinidad & Tobago

Discover can help anyone wishing to learn more about Trinidad and Tobago – whether out and about exploring and adventuring, or laying back and learning more about this rich twin-island nation. Our comprehensive coverage of Trinidad and Tobago – from arts and culture to eco adventures, accommodation to sports, planning flights and transportation and more – can help anyone plan anything from a day trip or weekend escape, to a full-on an adventure holiday or leisurely vacation. It might take a lifetime to truly experience all that the islands have to offer, but at least we can show you where to start.

Standards & feedback

The country’s tourism authorities run an annual inspection programme called the Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Industry Certification (TTTIC), particularly for accommodation (hotels, gueshouses, and bed & breakfast establishments). A special logo is used to indicate approval. The most recent information can be found at the Ministry of Tourism website. Advertising in Discover is open to anybody, but does not imply editorial endorsement or participation in the TTTIC programme; use of advertisers’ services is at your own discretion and risk.

Every effort has been made to ensure that factual information in Discover Trinidad & Tobago is correct when we publish it. But things change and develop swiftly, so we can make no guarantees about its ongoing accuracy. If you find any errors, omissions, new information you would like to bring to the editor’s attention, or any comments about Discover, we take feedback seriously and would be delighted to hear from you.


Over our 31 editions, our writers (whose work is published in our magazines and on this site, and are listed here alphabetically), ed and researchers have included: Gabrielle Ache, Simone Ache, Lisa Allen-Agostini, Jason Arthur, Tracy Assing (former editor), Bridget Bento-Espinet (former editor), Eaulin Blondel, Kristi-Anne Chin, Brendan de Caires, Joey Clarke, Patti Clarke, Laura Dowrich-Phillips, Austin Fido, Pat Ganase, Tracey-Anne Gill, Onika Henry, Skye Hernandez, Shelly-Ann Inniss, Manghanita Kempadoo, Dylan Kerrigan, Anu Lakhan (2014 print editor), Stacy Lalbeharry, Nicholas Laughlin (former editor), Kwame Lawrence, Simon Lee, Anna Lucie-Smith, Mark Meredith, Nazma Muller (2015 print editor), Jason Nathu, Simon Parkinson, Akilah Phillip, Georgia Popplewell, Gerard Ramsawak, Judy Raymond, Shivanee Ramlochan, Christine Schofield, Sonja Sinaswee, Caroline Taylor (current editor), Jeremy Taylor (founding editor), Ariann Thompson, Sabrina Vailloo, Anna Walcott Hardy, Renée West, Guyanne Wilson, and Donna Yawching. All our photographers are credited on each photo in our photo galleries. We remember our faithful proofreader and researcher Esla Morris and talented designer Illya Furlong-Walker, both of whom have passed on since we began publishing.

Going green

Printing several thousand magazines is not the most environmentally friendly process but starting in 2008, we have taken several steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Firstly, we’ve focused our print publication on the most important information you need on the go while employing web offset printing technology. That’s saved nearly 10 million pages of paper. MEP, our publishers, also recycles paper, e-waste, plastics, glass and aluminium as part of their commitment to corporate social responsibility. Additionally, Discover has always made a commitment to fostering locally-based writers, photographers, designers, and editors, so that our success ultimately benefits the local community and promotes local sustainable development.

Our publishers

Discover is a publication of MEP Publishers, based in Port of Spain, Trinidad. Established in 1991 by veteran journalist Jeremy Taylor and Joanne Mendes, MEP publishes Caribbean print and digital tourism, culture and business magazines, and has also published and distributed books of Caribbean interest through book imprint, Prospect Press. Additionally, MEP produces a wide range of client projects and corporate material – from brochures and newsletters to annual reports and directories.


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