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The covers of the 2018 and 2017 editions of Discover Trinidad & Tobago

Guidelines for contributors

We welcome contributor proposals from freelance writers, illustrators and photographers. Please read the following information carefully. Submissions which do not meet these guidelines and requirements may not be considered.

What we’re looking for – writing & photography

We welcome pitches both from established and emerging writers, as well as guest bloggers.

Contributors must be able to address a broad audience interested in Trinidad & Tobago, and write insightfully and readably. We need lively, entertaining writing combined with a serious and informative approach to subject matter, and top-quality photos and/or illustrations. Though we prefer to work with contributors based in Trinidad & Tobago and the Caribbean diaspora, all submissions which meet our guidelines will be considered and kept on file. We specifically are looking for well-researched, vivid, and informative contributions on activities for tourists and visitors to and within Trinidad & Tobago, as well as photography that captures the range of experiences T&T has to offer. Humour, anecdote or human interest are a plus. The writing should be an insider’s guide delivered in an engaging, light and readable style.

Contact us for more information or to submit your pitch.

Submission process

Most published material is commissioned, often on the basis of a writer’s or photographer’s proposal, though we are do consider on-spec material without commitment, particularly if it is supported by good illustrations and/or photography. The magazine depends heavily on good pictures, and buy stock material and commissioned photography as necessary; all photos should be 300 dpi, and clearly captioned. Payments for both photographs and editorial, as applicable, are made after publication, and are subject to the terms laid out in our Contributors Agreement.


All material is subject to editing changes at the editor’s sole discretion. Major changes or rewrites will normally be discussed with the author. Where extensive editing or rewriting is required, the magazine reserves the right to make adjustments to the author’s fee, where applicable. For more, feel free to contact us.

Submitting your events

Discover Trinidad & Tobago runs a yearly calendar, both in print and online. To have your event included in the print publication, information must be submitted by August of the year before. We also accept submissions year-round that can be added to our online calendar. For more, please contact us.

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