The Tobago shopper’s companion for 2017

Looking for essentials? Gourmet goods? Distinctly local souvenirs? Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll point you toward what to get, and where to get it.

Popular local souvenirs

Miniature steel pans are always popular among those looking for souvenirs, as are locally made shoes, jewellery, fabric, sculptures, ceramics, preserves, and cosmetics. You can find these and more at beachside craft stalls like at Store Bay and Pigeon Point; at the Scarborough Market; Batiki Point (Buccoo); Shore Things (Lambeau); Planet Ceramics (Pigeon Point); the Scarborough Esplanade; Forro’s Homemade Delicacies (Scarborough); at the airport; and at many resorts and hotels.

Tobago pancraft. Photo by Edison Boodoosingh

Tobago pancraft. Photo by Edison Boodoosingh

Art & fashion

Looking for original local art? Some Tobago-born or -based artists to look out for include Jim Armstrong, Kevin Ayoung-Julien, Marcia Des Vignes, Edward Hernandez, David Knott, Earl Manswell, Jason Nedd, Michael Spencer, Rachael and Martin Superville (of The Art Gallery in Lowlands), and the late Luise Kimme (who work is displayed at the Kimme Museum aka “The Castle” in Bethel). If you’re in the market for local fashion, check out Cee Wee Designs, Ashley Christmas, Movement Bago, Tobago Gyul, and Yesa Designs, among others.

Chocolate & sweets

If you’re a chocolate lover, make sure to seek out products from the award-winning Tobago Cocoa Estate. You can purchase directly from the estate in Roxborough, and at select retailers island-wide. You’ll also want to check out Tobago Chocolate Delights, next door to Shore Things in Lambeau. And for traditional Tobagonian sweets and treats, the vendors at the airport can supply you with packages that travel well.

Groceries, markets, & malls

For routine grocery items, there are Pennysavers supermarkets in Canaan and Carnbee, while the Scarborough Market is popular for fresh fish and produce on Fridays and Saturdays. For specialty and gourmet food items, head to Morshead in Mt Pleasant. Gulf City Mall in Lowlands is a one-stop shop for most retail items, and also has a multiplex cinema, food court, and salons on site.

Gulf City Lowlands Mall

Gulf City Lowlands Mall

What not to buy

Please don’t buy anything made from endangered or environmentally sensitive species (eg coral, sea turtles, conch, some snakes, some birds). If in doubt, ask what material the item is made from, and whether it is protected. And if the answer is not satisfactory, don’t buy it.

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