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Cuisine corner: our Tobago food & dining guide for 2017

Food & dining, Tobago style This is just a beginner’s guide — for much more, dive in to the range of coverage, including recipes and local food features, in our Food & Entertainment section.   Fine dining Tobago’s best restaurants pair delectable food — including European, Asian, Caribbean and local Tobagonian favourites — with ambience

Broiled scallops. Photo courtesy Kaizan Sushi

Trinidad Food & Dining Guide 2016

Dining in Trinidad You could, quite seriously, come to Trinidad just to eat. Trinidadians love food — eating it, cooking it, and sharing it. Of course it’s way more fun to enjoy everything the island has to offer, but punctuate the excursions with culinary experiences ranging from finger-lickin’ street food to exquisite, award-winning fine dining

Callaloo Swizzle. Photograph by Ria Birju

Make a Callaloo

Ria’s Trinidad & Tobago Callaloo Recipe NB: For all the following callaloo-making instructions, see corresponding photos under “Article Gallery” in our right sidebar Assemble ingredients Wash and chop callaloo bush (if using); ochroes; pumpkin; scallions and onions; slice carrots; mince garlic. Chop the thyme finely or place entire bunch whole in the pot (remove the

Flames in a traditional clay oven at Castara, Tobago. Photographer: Skene Howie

Homegrown Tobago Dishes

Tobago’s indigeneous culinary delights show just how much our ancestors valued nature’s produce and how they believed nothing should be wasted

Steamed red snapper over plantain with tomato choka, by Chef Sabrina Rosales. Photographer: Desiree McEachrane

Casual & Fine Dining in Tobago

The variety of restaurants in Tobago caters for those with a penchant for fine dining, home-style cooking, or adventures into the unfamiliar

The Pavillion Restaurant at Stonehaven Villas, Tobago

Let’s Eat Out: Tobago’s Culinary Scene

Many of Tobago’s restaurants are open-air, ready to catch the afternoon or evening breeze, sometimes with amazing views…