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3canal performs at the Tobago Jazz Experience. Photo courtesy the THA

A Tobago festivals calendar for 2018

In alphabetical order, here are some of Tobago’s most treasured festivals, from Harvests and Heritage Festival to Jazz Experience and Great Fete

Contemporary Tobago Carnival Mas Player

Carnival in Tobago

Tobagonians enjoy a season that focuses on the theatrical and folk elements of Carnival

The Moriah Ole Time Wedding at Tobago Heritage Festival. Photo: CaféMoka Gallery

Tobago Festivals & Holidays

Highlights of Tobago’s cultural calendar: Festivals large and small every month

Galdys Knight performs at the Tobago Jazz Experience. Photo courtesy the Trinidad & Tobago Business Guide

John Arnold on Tobago’s Arts, Culture & Festivals

John Arnold of the THA’s Department of Tourism spoke to Discover Trinidad & Tobago, and invites visitors to discover the cultural diversity of Tobago

The Charlotteville Rydm Section at Tobago Carnival. Photographer: Owen Washington

Sandra Gopaul Talks Tobago Carnival

Even Tobago’s bandleaders confess that Carnival belongs to Trinidad. But that doesn’t mean they don’t showcase their creativity and reclaim the street. Sandra Gopaul, secretary of the Tobago Carnival Bandleaders Association (TCBA), gives us the scoop.