Bloody Bay, Tobago. Photo: Stephen Jay Photography

Rueben Clement on his favourite beaches in Tobago

Rueben Clement of Tour Tobago gives us his picks for the very best beaches in Tobago

Charlotteville. Photo by Chris Anderson

Touring Tobago: the Leeward Coast

Tobago’s idyllic Caribbean coast Crown Point—Mount Irvine—Black Rock—Courland Bay—Plymouth—Moriah—Castara—Parlatuvier—Charlotteville Tobago’s Leeward coast – fringed by coral reefs and the Caribbean Sea – is the calmer of the island’s two shorelines. The journey northbound takes you from the southwest’s flatter, gentler limestone terrain to the mountainous hard rock formations of the northeast. Beautiful beaches offer great

Diving in Tobago. Photo by Stephen Broadbridge

Derek Chung Talks Diving in Tobago

Derek Chung has over 20 years’ diving experience and shares some of the key facts about the Tobago diving scene

The Nariva river meets the sea near Manzanilla. Photo: Nicholas Bhajan

Touring Trinidad: the East Coast

Manzanilla and Mayaro: one long, palm-fringed beach runs into the other to shape Trinidad’s dramatic east coast. Developed as coconut estates, the plantations have given this sea-coast its distinctive character.

Lopinot estate and historical complex in Trinidad. Photo: William Barrow

Touring Trinidad: Heading North

North Trinidad is dominated by the mountains of the Northern Range and the popular beaches at their bases. Here we go exploring the North Coast & Northern Range: Maraval—North Coast Road—Maracas Bay—Blanchisseuse—Brasso Seco—Arima—Port of Spain (about four hours’ driving)

The San Fernando Hill, a landmark in the southlands. Photographer: Andrea de Silva

Touring Trinidad: San Fernando

Trinidad’s second city is the commercial centre for the energy-based industries located in the south-west of the island. Out in the countryside you can taste some of the best Indian cuisine on the island, and enjoy beaches with glass-like water in the west and good surfing in the east.

The Pitch Lake at La Brea. Photographer: CafeMoka

Touring Trinidad: the “Deep South”

Trinidad’s at once industrial and bucolic south is in many ways the backbone of Trinidad. The oil which has (literally) fuelled Trinidad and Tobago’s rise as the most developed country in the Caribbean, comes from here; and the fight for workers’ rights began here back in the 1930s. Although the pace of life is hectic in some parts, the south generally cannot compete with the hustle and bustle of the north.

The rooftop of the Presbytery at Mount St. Benedict, overlooking St. Augustine. Photographer: Skene Howie

Touring Trinidad: Heading Northeast

Rugged Atlantic coast, surf, long beaches, coconut forest, peace: it’s easy to see why eastern Trinidad is a favourite

Queen's Hall, St. Ann's, Trinidad

Touring Trinidad: the Port of Spain Suburbs

Port of Spain’s residential communities fan out to the valleys and hills around the western Northern Range: Belmont & Laventille, Woodbrook, Newtown & St. James, St. Clair, Maraval, St. Ann’s & Cascade.

Masquerader. Photo by Stephen Broadbridge

The Trinidad Carnival season

The ritual of Trinidad Carnival involves more than buying a costume and jumping in the streets for two days. Let us initiate you into the customs of Carnival. It’s a season — a lifestyle!

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